Granite Crossword No.15 (the second Granite crossword to appear in Impact, the Bath Uni student paper)
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For finding weight on a fish? (6)
New time-table for fight (6)
10 Had faith in rust, inside Edward (7)
11 My sonny changes or equivalent word (7)
12 Harass inside ape's terrain (6)
15 Illuminates slight, slight change (6)
16 Sober grave (7)
17 Return sad hotel run (4)
18 Employed you and me, and editor (4)
19 Forge in defective alien (7)
20 Groups of TVs? (4)
22 Returning good French potassium handle (4)
25 Meat product of South African employment (7)
27 Typical - Mrs Major, 50 (6)
28 Surplus of two letters, we hear (6)
31 Arrange retrial to be attached to car (7)
32 Bombed that woman, returning hollow (7)
33 City blond one hides (6)
34 Testify at trial (6)


Parts of meal company uses right inside (7)
Lister arranged units of measurement of liquid (6)
Team is coming back to dead end, initially (4)
Finest George? (4)
Sport inside rotten Nissan (6)
Uncle's hotel prepared meals (7)
Puts back before I'd be dumb (6)
Entertained Medusa, oddly (6)
13 Extraction of vale mostly, after concerning moment (7)
14 Illness Sid came back with - simplicity (7)
15 Carry long time about good suitcases etc (7)
20 Musical composition boy at American capital (6)
21 Twister ripped a party! (7)
23 Pointed implements are virtually unnecessary (7)
24 Next to bee, confused IDS inside (6)
25 Ladies, perhaps, travelled by boat (6)
26 Pet Rex became skilful (6)
29 Chagrined - hiding smile (4)
30 Starts to aim scuds intensively at part of the world (4)


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