Granite Crossword No.14
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In black it establishes birds (5)
Disgruntled from being given food under pressure, initially (3,2)
I came across backwards thing (4)
See 9 Down
11 Military exercise is a result of confusion over a menu (9)
15 Thoughts take in tail-end perfections (6)
16 Change the tide going backwards (4)
17 See 9 Down
18 Hurl the French-made gun inside (5)


See 9
See 9
Odd trend now changed and oppressed (11)
Do separate ponytail (5)
A party causes fuss (3)
9/2/1D/17/8 Using this to cut something tough might be far from clever! (3,3,8,5,2,3,6)
10 A woman who might take legal action (3)
12 Country for one strange Thai previously (5)
13 The name of a deed (5)
14 Tree residue (3)


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