Granite Crossword No.13 (also the first Granite crossword to appear in Impact, the Bath student newspaper)
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1/18 Painful, sore fools oddly see red after this (12,4)
Keen queen surrounds age (5)
10 Attacking marshes, 05 outside (9)
11 Stenchy? It could be man-made (9)
12 Drug (Ecstacy) moved and encouraged (5)
13 Language of two blokes? (7)
15 Guy with lots of money? (4)
18 See 1
20 Little bit of one from Poland's larval frog (7)
23 Additional former partner returned art (5)
24 Holds dear precious things (9)
26 Tricky, fitful CID astray (9)
27 Musical drama often following soap (5)
28 Famous Day's autonomy (12)


USA leper could produce delight (8)
Instrument is eastern set up (8)
Ground planet (5)
Abridge, quiet or return net (7)
One in position of authority of French rice (cooked) (7)
Declared new can undone (9)
Merges British loans (6)
Flanks gain good Samaritan, initially (5)
14 Estrangement is a lotion, strangely (9)
16 Number of backward tenure moved (8)
17 Win support for, for each reported material (8)
19 The French cutback in the heartless plant (7)
20 That heat reduction hides place of performance (7)
21 Rarely does elm (without starting) move (6)
22 Second quarrel is rigid (5)
25 Was upright street nothing (zero), daughter? (5)


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