Granite Crossword No.12
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Starts to live under coming King's chance (4)
Short operation returns princess with headless mum for platform (6)
Old stage qualification (1,5)
10 Regretting rugby union in Gateshead (5)
12 I leave urinal adrift of the moon (5)
13 Temporal, lowly doctor moves (7)
15 Was first good Queen record (6)
17 Legal or otherwise tempo (7)
19 Quiet fish skin (4)
20 Put energy into aggression, leading 18-30, say (3,5)
22 Do fall astray with me and ex (3,5)
24 Irritating sensation in kitchen (4)
25 Laminate strange, dopy owl (7)
30 Within this place that woman (a German) (6)
31 Gave a conflict of French diamonds (7)
32 Flier returning to edge (5)
33 Put me back, be right for smouldering fragment (5)
34 Relatives in initially Beagle II swimsuit (6)
35 A capital's smells (6)
36 Language almost many times (4)


Lampoon pill could become crossing helper (8,3)
Flower reportedly wasted inventor (8)
Loans the French new 500 seconds (5)
Wraps goddess (5)
Rob the French Prime Minister without difficulty (7)
Old shilling outside ancient city belonging to us (4)
Colour in heartless Diego (6)
Repulsive guy disguised without letterhead (4)
11 Fawning awful psychotic without a name (11)
14 The French queen, that is monarch less willing to confide (7)
16 New flaw in returning carpet conflict (4,3)
18 Disturbances in courts, unusually (8)
21 Guards from the middle of 'Pussy Galore'? (7)
23 Designed Monday generator (6)
26 Famous number in ocean colour (5)
27 Shape that man, 59 (5)
28 Royal we inside vessel (4)
29 Thought of side-arm? (4)


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