Granite Crossword No.10
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"Play it again Sam" - missing soldier in Australia (8)
Idiot about, about metal (6)
10 Mark covers over (4)
11 Prefers to take it in around English competitors expected to win (10)
12 Northeast runs about are closer (6)
14 I levered awfully and took over (8)
15 Put money in one gun, one on inquiry (13)
17 Clapping a very quiet US ale design (8)
19 Reginald: "I return in backstreet animals" (6)
21 In favour of s-street organised demonstrators (10)
22 Returning heartless kill of people (4)
23 Move over me and take away (6)
24 Decade of theirs, it smashed (8)


Try out cooked meals with penny inside (6)
Leave out of dolomite (4)
Distinctive clothes in forums disturbed (8)
Genuine deed, turn the French around (6)
Giving reviled gin arrangement (10)
Almost score new name in English supporter within (8)
Unusually determine vast commercial (13)
13 Turn right development (10)
15 I'm left with American casualty who brings things in to the country (8)
16 Is in attic about turn of a syndrome (8)
18 Coat of mogul's terrain (6)
20 Furled or returning left light (6)
22 Attacks matches (4)


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