Granite Crossword No.101
(This crossword first appeared in the National Student newspaper)
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Producing refashioned cell accommodation? (4,2,9)
One selling foodstuffs said to be more unpleasant (6)
10 Left one boy in charge from birth to death? (8)
11 Flower-head came out in extremely ramshackle surroundings (6)
13 An entry into European river, turning round to make something possible (6)
17 Parts of submarines not screwing on, perhaps (7,6)
20 Region of physical space deflecting aim off (8,5)
23 Mistakes in printing a kind of shirt in rare trouble (6)
26 They are almost made to be coarse (6)
28 Listen unknown above this place, say (8)
29 Car-maker is second to be taken in by grandmother (6)
30 Plant making level and stiffly formal girl (7,8)


Ethereal antenna (6)
Financial gain from cruel fabrication (5)
Strength for exam? No way! (5)
Lacework comes before end of student's splendour (5)
Vary the pitch in court, without returning supernatural being (7)
Additional part of complex traverse (5)
Football team's Midwest snack (9)
12 Shred a bit of meat in church (5)
14 Empty liquid from man in empty brickyard (5)
15 Sound reproduction equipment, if seen in greeting (2-2)
16 First men Bourne destroyed (6,3)
17 Hamlet, perhaps, is tragic, with no time to flip (5)
18 Present soldier with paper (4)
19 Hope raised, in part, for musical drama (5)
21 Something given in part exchange for tin, without a red composition (5-2)
22 Student initially tries to get cutting tool (6)
24 A professional bearing part of the stage (5)
25 Prices crash - no end of trouble for provisional certificate (5)
26 Boredom in French University is cut short, with new head coming to the front (5)
27 Vertical pipe to get up before summer's end (5)


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