Granite Crossword No.100
(This crossword first appeared in the National Student newspaper)
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Started with live weapon (5)
The final word in alternative books and southern decorations (9)
10 Flexible and quiet in pulse production (6)
11 Glorify England with bird inside imaginary circle (8)
12 Tape container, as arranged, in court before end of June (8)
13 Sapper and journalist's instrument (4)
15 Artificial credit cards (7)
17 Pieces of cloth shake in explosion (7)
20 Second-hand American-English dictionary's opening? (4)
22 Mastermind engineer (8)
25 Searches or expels, perhaps (8)
26 Famous hitchhiker with a number of teeth (6)
27 Hugging Marc? Begin changing (9)
28 Some task Edward invited (5)


Rare gully repositioned at fixed intervals? (9)
Reckons student's union president initially pretends to be somone he is not (8)
Bored with head of department and annoyed about start of lecture (7)
I eat crab (cooked) and tiny organisms (8)
Alien line found in one insect or another (6)
Examine horse at the end of January (5)
Money paid periodically for part of barren territory (4)
14 Swayed daughter with gun, initially (9)
16 In terrible century, Tory leader is not straight (8)
18 Benevolence relatives send out to son (8)
19 Half-hour exploiting accomodation (7)
21 Speak about the French Romeo's pay (6)
23 Objects of worship proceed from the sign (4)
24 Tests former partner's morning direction (5)


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