Hi, welcome to gptucker.net, the website of Geraint Tucker (commonly known as Gez)

Last update excluding crosswords 06 Aug 06. Keep checking back as I'm still working out what else to put on here!

Who am I?

I've decided to start putting my comments up here on various issues, not really sure what'll end up being there, we'll just have to wait and see! (last updated 17 Mar 06)
I also have a page for my sports reports, although most of these will probably now appear on the National Student website (the newspaper which I'm sports editor of). April 2006: Reports added from 2006 British University Games in Swansea.

Have a look at my cryptic crosswords page, all my cryptic crosswords will be going there, and I intend to add new ones regularly, plus there's some help if you're not sure how cryptic crosswords work. Last crossword added 28th February - 101 crosswords now available!

Have a look at some other websites that I like in my links page (updated 19 Mar 06). Also, find out about some things that I like which you may not have come across before or know much about, but which I highly recommend (updated 06 Aug 06).

Click here to go to my sermon notes home page - notes that I've taken at various Church & Christian Union based events. Click here to find out why I'm a Christian.

I enjoy taking photographs, particularly wildlife and nature photos. You can see some of them at gptucker.shutterpoint.com, and I hope to add some to this website as well at some point.

If you want to get in touch, email me at gptucker@gptucker.net